Son of God: The Bible Miniseries Remix

There has been a bit of talk with the release of "Son of God" in the theatres within the last two weeks. I have not seen it, but I have seen the full Bible miniseries from which "Son of God" is derived. Through various reviews, I have learned that material was edited out and deleted scenes added. So it would have been worth my time to view the "new" film as a study in modern Gospel redaction.

Craig Keener's article in CT highlights the removal of the devil from the "Son of God." I suspect this means that the entire temptation narrative was excised. Keener's article is also provides an in-depth look at the role the devil plays in each of the Gospel narratives. So his review is not so much a review as an excellent mini-study on the devil in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Kenneth R. Morefield in a CT movie review refers to the "Son of God" as "a bit like listening to a pretty good tribute band doing a set list of Top 40 hits you have heard most of your life." He points out how the footage was shot and initially edited for television and thus on the big screen it doesn't have quite the same punch, especially when there are places when you feel a commercial should follow that climax. His review in intriguing in the way he considers, more as the review progresses, media and the event that going to the movies is.

Over at Her.meneutics Margot Starbuck writes a nice piece on how the images of God that we see in film or read in books influences and can challenge our perceptions of who God is. She uses "Son of God" and Diogo Morgado's recent incarnation of Jesus as a springboard for that discussion.

Nothing like another rendition of Jesus to get people talking. 

My previous comments on the Bible miniseries included entries on Angels, Character Portrayal and Juxtapositions, and Weakest and Powerful Moments.

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