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Quote for the day

"What a half-hearted, careless state we must have fallen into, that we should have lost, so soon, our early enthusiasm; that we should be tired out, lukewarm, weary of life itself! Never be it said that you fell asleep over your task of growth in holiness, you, who have had all these examples of devotion constantly before your eyes." -- Thomas á Kempis, The Imitation of Christ, 1.18.6.

Dicken's 200th Birthday

Today is Charles Dicken's 200th birthday. There was a celebration at Westminster Abbey already today where Prince Charles and two of Dicken's descendants placed flowers at his grave. I have long been a fan of this Victorian writer, Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol being two of his more well-known books. Little Dorrit, Nicholas Nickelby, and A Tale of Two Cities are among my favorites. I am currently reading a new excellent biography of Dickens by Claire Tomalin. I am not quite half-way through, but the book is a great read.

You can find an interview with Claire Tomalin on A Christmas Carol at the Guardian website "Charles Dickens at 200."