Summer Reading

I just had a question from a student about recommended books and authors that I think most believers should read. It got me thinking about summer reading and just the joy of learning for the sake of learning and for the sake of reading. I have plenty of reading that I need to do this summer for course preparation for next year and for research, but I have just been daydreaming about other books I would like to have stashed away on this table or in that corner just to pick up and read in those small instances that I have opportunity.

In the course of my response, I was reminded of Christianity Today's list of the top 100 books of the 20th century. Thankfully, they have posted it online because I am not sure where I have placed my copy of that list, especially considering that list came out 13 years ago now!

Here is their list. Agree or disagree, it is a great starting point. Happy reading!

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