McMaster Divinity College Bingham Colloquium 2013

The McMaster Bingham Colloquium will be held on June 8, 2013, and the title of this year's Bingham Colloquium is "Rejection: God's Refugees". The schedule can be found here. The description of the one day colloquium that will revolve around the topic of Diaspora is as follows:

"God’s people have always lived as exiles and refugees–from the ancient Israelites to Christians throughout history. This conference explores what it means for God’s people of any age to live as those rejected by their surrounding cultures, and living in the world as refugees. For some, this takes the character of spiritual isolation, living a life of faith within a hostile alien culture. For others, this means living outside their land of origin among strangers and even those hostile to them and their beliefs. This conference explores what it means to be God’s refugees in four broad sweeps–from the Old Testament and its tales of exile, to the Second Temple period and Jewish Christianity, to Gentile Christianity as found in Paul’s letters and Acts, to the present. This world-class group of scholars with a heart and concern for what it means to be God’s people living in refuge explore these various topics within their ancient contexts but with concern for what this means for Christians today." 

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