"Whereness" in George MacDonald's Lilith

George MacDonald's, Lilith is a great piece of fantasy literature, and after reading the book, it is easy to see how MacDonald inspire Tolkien and especially Lewis. Toward the beginning of the book there is a great exchange between the Raven and the protagonist. The Raven who is also a man (the Man) leads the protagonist into another world. They pass through a mirror in the attic garret of an large, old house out into "the open heath" (in classic MacDonald style).

The protagonist then asks:
"Oblige me by telling me where I am."
And the response of the raven:
"That is impossible. You know nothing about whereness. The only way to come to know where you are is to begin to make yourself at home." (George MacDonald, Lilith. Merchant Books, 1895. Reprint 2009. Page 12.)

Nothing about whereness...a striking comment and a challenge to learn about home.

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